Professor Rovshan Khalilov meets with the Rector of the University

On August 5, 2019, Professor Rovshan Khalilov met with the University Rector Professor Nadiya Scotna. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the results of the work of the joint Ukrainian-Azerbaijan International Scientific and Educational Center for Nanobiotechnology and Functional Nanosystems, headed by Associate Professor Taras Kavetskyi (Ukraine) and Professor Rovshan Khalilov (Azerbaijan), and the prospects for further cooperation.  The meeting was also attended by Professor Mykola Pantyuk, Vice-Rector for Scientific Work, Associate Professor Svitlana Voloshanska and Associate Professor Taras Kavetskyi, the Dean of the Biology Faculty.

Professor Rovshan Khalilov informed about the achievements of the Center during the academic year 2018/2019, noting the publication of a series of scientific papers on behalf of the Center in journals with high impact factor, including 2 articles in Trends in Analytical Chemistry (2018/2019 Impact Factor: 8.428) and 1 article in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (2018/2019 Impact Factor: 4.784); also the publication of a series of collaborative researches in the Journal  Vacuum  (2018/2019 Impact Factor: 2.515) and in the cited journals Experimental Oncology (Scopus) and Advances in Biology & Earth Sciences (DOAJ).

Professor Rovshan Khalilov also noted that in 2019, via close international cooperation with the leading scientists of Khazar University (Baku, Azerbaijan) and Bozok University (Yozgat, Turkey), the joint Ukrainian Azerbaijan International Science and Education Center for Nanobiotechnology and Functional Nanosystems collaborators of 2 international conferences, namely: Nanotech Eurasia – 2019 (First Eurasian Conference on Nanotechnology, October 3 – 4, 2019, Baku, Azerbaijan) and International Industrial and Environmental Toxicology Congress (26 – 29, October 2019, Venezia Palace Hotel) Antalya, Turkey).

In addition, in 2019, 2 new agreements about the academic international cooperation were signed between the Center and the Maragheh University of Medical Sciences (Iran), as well as between the Center and the Department of Basic Science (Maragheh University), Maragheh (Iran).

The participants of the meeting discussed the prospects of cooperation for the near term 2019 – 2021, where the main efforts will be focused on the continuation of the joint research, the publication of results in scientific journals with the high impact factor, conducting of scientific seminars, the formation of grant projects, etc.

In conclusion, Rector Professor Nadiya Scotna noted the high scientific level of the work done and the importance of the development of international cooperation with the partners of the Center.