Faculty of Primary Education and Arts

Contact: 2, Lesya Kurbasa,

Drohobych, 82100 Ukraine

2, Tel.: (0324) 41-34-07

e-mail: fpom@dspu.edu.ua

The Faculty of Primary Education and Art was founded on September 1, 2022 by merging the Faculty of Primary and Art Education and the Educational and Scientific Institute of Music.

The faculty consists of four departments: Pedagogy and methods of primary education; Fundamental disciplines of primary education; Music-theoretical disciplines and instrumental training; Vocal, choral, choreographic and visual arts.


Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Philosophy

Form of education:

Full-time / Part-time

Study Programs:

  • Primary education
  • Music
  • Fine art
  • Choreography

After completing their studies, the students of the faculty have the opportunity to work in educational institutions as primary school teachers, English language, computer science, music, fine arts, artists, the teachers of amateur association of fine and decorative arts, choreographers, restorers, art critics and choreographic team leaders.

The faculty maintains close scientific ties with the leading scientific and pedagogical institutions of the National Pedagogical Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, carries out joint creative projects through concert and performance activities with universities in Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc. Students have become laureates and winners at all-Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals.



Ivan Kutnyak


Ivan Kutnyak

PhD (Philosophical Sciences), Associate Professor

Olena Kravchenko-Dzondza


Olena Kravchenko-Dzondza

PhD (Pedagogical Sciences),  Associate Professor

Poliuha Viktoriia


Poliuha Viktoriia

PhD (Philosophical Sciences), Associate Professor

Oksana Zhyhailo

Head of the trade union bureau

Oksana Zhyhailo 

PhD (Psychological Sciences),  Associate Professor

Iryna Bermes

Chairman of the labor collective conference

Iryna Bermes 

Doctor of Art Studies, Professor





Departments of the Faculty

Iryna Bermes


Department of Vocal and Choral, Choreographic and Fine Arts

Head: Iryna Bermes – Doctor of Art Studies, Professor

E –mail:


Andriy Dushniy


Department of Music-theoretical Disciplines and Instrumental Training

Head: Andriy Dushniy – PhD (Pedagogical Sciences), Associate Professor

E –mail:





Iryna Sadova


Department of Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education 

Head: Iryna Sadova – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences,  Professor




Volodymyr Kovalchuk


Department of Fundamental Disciplines of Primary Education

Head: Volodymyr Kovalchuk – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences,  Professor