Faculty of History, Pedagogy and Psychology

Contact: 46, Lesya Ukrainka Str.,

Drohobych, 82100 Ukraine

Tel. (03244) 3-12-76 e-mail: fipp@dspu.edu.ua

The Faculty of History, Pedagogy and Psychology was founded on September 1, 2022 by merging the Faculty of Psychology, Pedagogy and Social Work and the Faculty of History. The faculty consists of six departments: History of Ukraine and jurisprudence; World History and special historical disciplines; Philosophy, Sociology and Political science named after Prof. Valeriy Skonyi, General Pedagogy and Preschool education; Social pedagogy and correctional education; Psychology.


Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Philosophy

Form of education

Full-time / Part-time

Study Programs:

  • Preschool education
  • History
  • Social work
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology

After completing their studies, graduates of the faculty can work:

– in educational institutions as teachers of history, law, philosophy, local history, tour guides, museum employees, in legal aid centers, in tourist and information centers;

– in kindergartens as organizers of preschool education and educators of preschool children in preschool educational institutions of various types;

– social workers (social pedagogues) in institutions of education, health care, social protection of the population, centers of social services, customs authorities, orphanages, boarding schools, institutions for children with disabilities, employment centers, leisure facilities, homes for children and youth, children’s health camps;

– psychologists, practical psychologists in educational institutions, social protection of the population, psychological services at enterprises, institutions and organizations, extra-curricular educational institutions, penal institutions, institutions for the maintenance of children with deviant behavior, children deprived of parental care, family planning centers and social service centers.