Cooperation with the Belgian non-profit organization Oradea continues

On June 21-25, 2022, Ivan Van Hulle, project manager of the non-profit organization ORADEA, and volunteer Raf Guetens, a representative of the Zevenbergen Rehabilitation Centre, came to Drohobych University with a humanitarian visit. It is worth noting that this is not the first time ORADEA representatives travelled to Drohobych to support us during the war. Our friends brought humanitarian aid to the University Volunteer Center, St. Panteleimon Regional Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Children and Persons with Disabilities, Drohobych Voluntary Society for the Protection of Children with Disabilities “Nadiya”, Naguyevichi State Historical and Cultural Reserve.

During their stay in Drohobych, the guests visited the Faculty of Biology and Natural Sciences, the Institute of Physics, Mathematics, Economics and Innovative Technologies, the Faculty of Psychology, Pedagogy and Social Work. The visitors got acquainted with the activities of the university psychologists, who provide psychological support to internally displaced persons in the University dormitory, in the lyceum №16 named after Yuri Drohobych, conduct classes with the military. Taking the opportunity, Ivan Van Hulle gave certificates to the Foreign Language students, who, under the guidance of Viktor Lishnyansky, translated the subtitles for the film “Inclusive”. The film was presented in Drohobych a few years before the war.

During their stay, the colleagues discussed directions for further cooperation and implementation of joint activities in the future. The University management expressed gratitude to ORADEA (especially its president– Dr. Patrick Belink) for their help and support in these difficult times for all of us.