The library of Ivan Franko Drohobytsk State Pedagogical University was founded in May 1940 on the basis of the book-collecting gymnasium. In the structure of the modern library: 4 subscriptions; 10 reading rooms (350 seats); 2 book stores; reference and bibliographic department; the literature collection and processing department; department of information technologies and computer support of the library.
Branches of the library: Faculty of Social and Humanities; Faculty of Biology. Cabinets for independent work: Institute of Physics, Mathematics, Economics and Innovative Technologies; Institute of Musical Art; historical faculty; Faculty of Philology.
The library fund is universal, the total number of about 736,000 documents in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French, Polish and other foreign languages, including: 299,000 copies of educational literature, 297,000 scientific publications, 99,000 copies of fiction. Of particular value is the fund of rare publications, which includes 1,300 copies. Annually, the library receives 12,000 publications; serves about 7,000 users and issues 485,000 documents.
The library’s search engine consists of a reference fund, a system of catalogs and file cabinets. The automated library system “UFD-Library” has been operating since 2011. The volume of the electronic catalog includes 282,000 bibliographic entries. Electronic databases have been created: books, periodicals, full-text, rare and valuable publications, works of scientists of the Ivan Franko DDPU, electronic publications, new arrivals, dissertations, dissertation abstracts, etc.