Rules of use


1. General provisions

1.1. The rules for using the library of Ivan Franko Drohobytsk State Pedagogical University were developed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Libraries and Library Affairs” dated January 27, 1995, the Model Provision on the Library of the Higher Education Institution of Ukraine dated “06” 08/04 No. 641, Model Rules of Use by the library of a higher educational institution of Ukraine No. 321 dated 08/31/1998 and Standard Rules for the Use of Libraries in Ukraine No. 275 dated 05/05/1999
1.2. The library is a structural unit of the university and provides printed works and other informational materials for educational, scientific and educational processes at the university and operates on the basis of the Regulation on the library.
1.3. Library funds are an integral part of the national reference and information system and are under the protection of the state.
1.4. Use of the library is free.

2. Procedure for using the Library. Recording conditions

2.1. The right to use the library is available to students, graduate students, professors and teaching staff, employees of structural units, teachers and students of the lyceum. Users of other universities are served, if possible, only in reading rooms.
2.2. Before enrolling in the library, the reader must familiarize himself with the Rules for using the library and confirm his obligation to comply with them by signing the reader’s form.
2.3. To enroll in the library, a full-time student must submit a student card. Correspondence students submit a record book and a passport. Employees – a passport and a certificate from the personnel department, valid for the current year.
2.4. Based on the submitted documents, the reader’s form is filled out and a reader’s ticket is issued.
2.5. All library users are served only with a reader’s ticket.
2.6. At the beginning of the academic year (before September 1), users are required to re-register their reader tickets. Users with unregistered reader tickets are not served.
2.7. It is strictly forbidden to transfer the reader’s card to other persons. For transferring a reader’s ticket to other persons, readers are deprived of the right to use the library for one month, in case of repeated violation – until the end of the first session that follows this violation. For correspondence students, the period of deprivation of the right to use the library is determined from the recorded violation to the end of the first session following this violation.
2.8. Readers who graduate from the university must pay the library in full before receiving a diploma, sign a bypass letter at all points of issue of literature and hand in a reader’s card to the central library (2 L. Ukrainki St.; season ticket No. 1).
2.9. Presentation of the reader’s ticket when signing the bypass sheet in the library is mandatory.
2.10. A reader who lost a reader’s card or arbitrarily made changes to it, writes a statement in the name of the rector of the university, which, together with the resolution of the director of the library, is submitted to the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work in order to receive disciplinary sanctions by order of the rector of the university.
2.11. Readers have the right to receive for temporary use scientific, educational, artistic, reference, methodical literature on subscriptions, in reading rooms and other points of issue of literature, to use all types of reference and bibliographic services, other services provided by the library; participate in various cultural and educational events held by the library.
2.12. Educational literature is issued as a subscription for a semester or an academic year in the amount that corresponds to the educational plans and programs.
2.13. Scientific literature is issued to professors and teaching staff and researchers in the amount of 10-15 copies per month, to students – up to 5 copies, to other categories of readers – up to 3 copies for the same period.
2.14. Fiction is published in a quantity of no more than 3 copies for a period of 15 days. Separate volumes of multi-volume editions, single copies, books in high demand are issued according to the rules of issuing reading rooms.
2.15. Rare and valuable publications, albums, atlases, encyclopedias, other reference publications, as well as single copies, books in high demand, publications on electronic media, and materials received through interlibrary loan (ILL) are issued only in reading rooms.
2.16. The librarian has the right to extend the period of use of the literature at the request of the reader, if there is no demand for it from other readers.
2.17. All literature for the academic year must be submitted by July 15 each year (Order No. 540 dated 14.12.2009). Failure to return books to the library is considered a gross violation of the internal regulations of the university. According to Clause 14 of the Regulation on the Procedure for Transfer, Expulsion and Renewal of Students of Higher Education Institutions, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine No. 245 dated 15.07.1996, a student may be expelled from the higher education institution for violating the Internal Regulations of the higher education institution.
2.18. Postgraduate students are required to return the editions recorded in the reader’s form one month before the end of their studies at the postgraduate school (by October 1).
2.19. Lyceum students and teachers who have not returned the publications recorded in the reader’s form by July 15 will lose the right to use the library funds in the next academic year.
2.20. Readers are obliged to treat books and other printed works obtained from the library funds with care, to return them within the established terms, not to take literature out of the reading room without the permission of the librarian; do not make any notes in it, do not tear or fold pages, do not remove cards from catalogs and file cabinets, do not disturb the layout of the open access fund.
2.21. When receiving the literature, the reader must carefully review it and, if any defects are found, notify the librarian, who is obliged to make the appropriate service marks on the publication.
2.22. Responsibility for spoiled literature is borne by the reader who used it last.
2.23. In the case of loss or damage to a library book, the reader is obliged to compensate the cost of the loss (damage) with a copy of the same edition or an equivalent edition recognized by the library, taking into account the real market value of the book, within 10 days.
2.24. Lost periodical literature is reimbursed through a subscription to the same publication for a certain period, which is determined by the library board.
2.25. Replacement of literature lost or damaged by readers is recorded in a special replacement notebook and confirmed by the reader’s signature.
2.26. The cost of worn documents and other materials is determined by the prices indicated in the accounting documents of the library, taking into account the subsequent indexation of the cost of these funds.
2.27. Readers who have committed other violations of the Rules for the use of the DDPU library for the first time will be deprived of the right to use the library for one month the first time, and for six months the second time.
2.28. Readers must observe silence in the reading rooms and other premises of the library, and not use mobile phones.
2.29. Put outerwear, bags, briefcases, opaque folders and packages in the wardrobe. Entrance to library departments only with transparent folders.

3. User rights

3.1. Users have the right to:
– use library funds;
– receive reference and information service;
– use an interlibrary subscription;
– access to information resources of the library;
– to submit proposals in written form regarding the improvement of the composition and organization of the funds, the reference and information apparatus of the library, and the terms of service for readers;
– to participate in events organized by the library.

4. Obligations of the library

4.1. Forms its funds according to the profile of educational and methodological, research and educational activities of the university.
4.2. Accounts, ensures storage, rational organization and use of its funds.
4.3. Provides library, information and bibliographic services to users, ensures satisfaction of their requests.
4.4. Creates and maintains a reference and bibliographic apparatus.
4.5. Compiles and publishes scientific auxiliary and reference bibliographies, indexes, performs library references, conducts bibliographic reviews, etc.
4.6. Provides differentiated service to users on subscriptions, in reading rooms and other literature distribution points.
4.7. Provides the appropriate level of user service, creates the conditions necessary for working with various sources of information.
4.8. It studies the information needs and provides prompt support for information requests of teachers, scientists, graduate students and students of the University, conducts research on reader needs and interests in order to optimally satisfy them.
4.9. Provides users with information and access to their own information resources.
4.10. Expands the possibilities of information provision of users, using IBA, domestic and international book exchange.
4.11. Spreads information culture knowledge among users.
4.12. Provides information to users about types of library services.

Adopted by the methodical council
library of the Ivan Franko State University
February 1, 2010

Director of the DDPU library
named after Ivan Franko