Dear members of Ukrainian academic community

Dear members of Ukrainian academic community,

On behalf of academic community of Mykolas Romeris University (MRU, Vilnius, Lithuania) I would like to express our strong support to the people of Ukraine who are fighting for their Independent State and a right to live in freedom, democracy and peace.

Mykolas Romeris University academic community expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian academic community and believes that unification will bring hope and strength to the struggle for freedom.

Expressing our support for the Ukrainian people and actively responding to recent events, MRU has prepared a plan of support measures, which includes humanitarian, legal and other assistance measures for both Ukrainians studying at the university and entire academic community of Ukraine. MRU is ready to promptly seek various ways to support Ukrainian academic communities in the international space and to provide prompt assistance, if necessary, asylum or support.

Activated measures of the humanitarian, legal, and other type of aid for Ukrainians studying at MRU as well as for partners in Ukraine in more details:

Our support measures:
  • Representatives of the academic community and their families will be accommodated in MRU dormitories in Vilnius and Kaunas as needed – 100 rooms have already been planned and prepared for 290 people.  
  • Lecturers and their family members will be able to continue working remotely while in Lithuania – the university will provide temporary computer space.
  • Students of Ukrainian universities who have arrived in Lithuania will be able to continue their studies in a secure MRU environment if their studies at their universities are organized remotely.
  • MRU is ready to offer free studies and temporary financial assistance to Ukrainian citizens whose studies are already disrupted or for whom it will become impossible to pursue higher education in Ukraine. For admission to MRU, please contact us by e-mail or phone number +370 5 271 4674.
  • Ukrainian citizens who are unable to continue their studies at the country’s universities can contact the MRU Center for Academic Affairs by email on the possibility of continuing studies at MRU through the credit transfer procedure of those obtained at the Ukrainian universities.
  • Due to possible financial difficulties for existing MRU students from Ukraine, tuition / accommodation fees may be deferred for 3 months.
  • Possibility to provide transportation to MRU campus from the Lithuanian-Polish border.
  • Psychologists working at the university are ready to provide services to all members of the academic community.

If you have any questions about accommodation, transport, please contact us at this phone number or WhatsApp +370 659 732 82 (weekdays and weekends).


Вам буде цікаво