Exchange program for undergraduate students of higher educational institutions (Global Undergraduate Exchange Program) 2023-2024

The Graduate Student Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) is a cultural exchange program operated by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and supported by the people of the United States of America. This international educational and cultural exchange program supports talented international students, enabling future leaders to study in the US with free enrichment and study of the culture and traditions of the United States of America. The program for undergraduate students of higher educational institutions (Global UGRAD) is jointly created by the Bureau of Education and Culture of the US State Department, the US Embassy in Ukraine, and the World Learning organization. The US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is committed to ensuring that its efforts reflect the diversity of American and international society. The Bureau seeks and encourages participation in all of its grant programs and other activities by people from all over the world and makes these opportunities open to all regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, geographic location, socio- economic status, physical condition, sexual orientation or gender identity. The Bureau adheres to the principles of fairness, equality and inclusiveness.


The US Department of State announces an open call for participation in the 2023-2024 academic year in the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program. Participants of the program will be selected according to the following criteria: academic performance, leadership potential, activity in public life, command of written and spoken English, motivation and willingness to become a participant in the exchange program. Global UGRAD finalists will study for one semester without obtaining a degree at universities in the United States of America in any major.Participants of the program who plan to study in the USA in the specialties of law or medicine are offered to study only basic courses in the above-mentioned specialties. The Global UGRAD exchange program for students of higher education institutions provides the following financial support: payment of travel for program participants to/from the USA, payment of the cost of studying at an American university, accommodation and meals, medical insurance, necessary textbooks and a monthly stipend. Applicants to the Global UGRAD program are considered without regard to race, color, religion, ethnicity, or gender identity. Persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to participate in the competition. The competition for participation in the Global UGRAD program is open and is based on the academic and personal performance of candidates.

Program participants are housed at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Participants are not allowed to choose a college or university. Participants study subjects in their field of expertise, as well as subjects in American Studies. The standard number of academic credits (credits) per semester is 12. The number of credits (3) in American Studies is included in the mandatory 12 credits per semester. The possibility of taking additional credits depends on the host university in the USA and is subject to coordination and approval by the World Learning organization.

Program participants live in student dormitories. Program participants volunteer at least 20 hours while studying under the Global UGRAD program. The program for competition finalists will begin in the US in either September 2023 or January 2024. Competition finalists cannot affect the dates of the program or postpone their participation in the program until a later date. The finalists of the program are in the USA with a J-1 visa (Exchange Visitor visa) and are required to return to Ukraine immediately after the program ends.


  • have Ukrainian citizenship, live in Ukraine and study at a higher educational institution of Ukraine in the 1st-2nd year (bachelor’s program) at the time of the competition; \
  • be older than 18 years at the time of starting your studies in the USA;
  • be a full-time student of a bachelor’s program at a Ukrainian university of any form of ownership;
  • have a high level of academic success, social activity and leadership potential;
  • speak English at a level sufficient for studying and communicating in an English-speaking academic environment;
  • be able to start studying in the United States from September 2023 or from January 2024. Contest finalists cannot independently choose program dates or postpone participation in the program for a later date;
  • meet the requirements for an Exchange Program Participant (J-1) visa to enter the United States.


  • students who do not meet the above criteria;
  • Ukrainian citizens living in the USA or other countries;
  • citizens of Ukraine who have a permanent residence permit in the USA;
  • master’s students;
  • employees of the Embassy of the United States of America in Ukraine and US government agencies that are part of the US diplomatic mission in Ukraine and their immediate relatives: husband/wife, children, sisters, brothers, parents, etc. This prohibition expires one year after the employee completes the term of service or contract work in the specified institutions and organizations;
  • employees of the World Learning organization and their closest relatives: husband/wife, children, sisters, brothers, parents, etc.


Applications for participation in the Global UGRAD program are accepted ONLY in electronic form. Candidates need to register on the website: in order to access the interactive system of filling out questionnaires for participation in the program. Candidates will be able to fill out their application form, as well as send letters of recommendation and other documents online. Incomplete applications, as well as applications submitted after December 15, 2022, will not be considered.

Candidates MUST submit a package of documents that includes:

Questionnaire for participation in the exchange program (all answers must be complete, all fields must be filled in English);

Copy of the first page of the foreign passport. Candidates who do not have a foreign passport submit a copy of the internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine;

Two letters of recommendation with a certified translation into English. One letter of recommendation must be from a teacher or supervisor from the university, the second letter can be from another teacher, employer, coach, coordinator of a former exchange program or volunteer/community activity. Family members and friends cannot provide letters of recommendation; A certified copy of the record book or an extract from the record book AND an official translation into English. The copy must be certified by the seal of the educational institution that issued them. The translation into English is certified by the institution that made the translation (educational institution or translation bureau); ATTENTION: uncertified translations will not be considered. Official certificate specifying the name of the educational institution, faculty and course of study of the student (without translation). The reference is uploaded to the “Portfolio” section of the questionnaire; Certified copies of the certificate of completion of secondary education AND the supplement to the certificate for students of the first year of study (with a translation into English, officially certified by an educational institution or a translation bureau); A copy of the results of standardized English language tests (optional); Additional documents (certificates, Olympiad diplomas, diplomas, etc.) can be uploaded to the “Portfolio” section of the questionnaire (optional). All documents and recommendations will be checked with the relevant institutions.

IMPORTANT: The questionnaire must reflect the candidate’s ORIGINAL THOUGHTS and INDIVIDUAL WORK, which will demonstrate the candidate’s motivation to participate in the Global UGRAD program. Plagiarism, other people’s thoughts and ideas without proper reference to the source are unacceptable. Detection of plagiarism is grounds for immediate disqualification of the candidate.

After the form is completely filled out, checked and the necessary documents are uploaded, click “Send” (“SUBMIT”). From this moment on, changes in the questionnaire will be impossible. The application deadline is December 15, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST.

Additional information can be obtained by e-mail: