Mobility of Yulia Gorbaniuk (Lublin John Paul II Catholic University)

In the period September 6-10, 2021 a colleague from the Lublin John Paul II Catholic University, Prof. Yulia Gorbanyuk realized her mobility within the framework of the Erasmus + KA107 program. On the first day of the visit there were meetings with Vice-Rector Yuri Vovk, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Pedagogy and Social Work Igor Hrynyk, Head of the Chair of Practical Psychology Valentina Stets and Head of the Department of General Pedagogy and Preschool Education Maria Chepil. During the implementation of the mobility of prof. Yulia Gorbanyuk worked with students studying psychology and cooperated with the Chair of Practical Psychology. During the visit, the professor conducted classes with our students on the topics: “Positive psychology and its practical application”, “Emotions in the therapeutic process”, “Emotion management”, “Preventive program for children of migrants from Ukraine.” Also our guest scientists Ms. Yulia Gorbanyuk and Mr. Oleg Gorbanyuk kindly offered to hold additional lectures (September 7) on “Methodological problems in intergroup research: a multilevel approach and psychometric equivalence” with young scientists from Drohobych University: graduate students and teachers. The lecture was also connected with primarily aspects that graduate students should pay attention to when planning their own research activities. Prof. Oleg Gorbanyuk shared the experience of his graduate students, gave recommendations and advice to young scientists on how to achieve maximum efficiency in their work.