The first experience of student exchange between the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and the University of Greifswald (Germany)

My story is full of a mix of adventures and my realization that there are many serious goals ahead. This is a story about my study semester as part of the Erasmus + program at the University of the beautiful German town on the Baltic coast – Greifswald. I arrived in Germany in mid-March, so I had plenty of free time, as my studies didn’t start until April. I immediately began to explore the new environment, because my curiosity had no bounds. On the second day after my arrival I visited many interesting places, including the bay, which I will remember for a lifetime. From the first days of my stay in this city, I had the feeling that I had lived here all my life: Greifswald, the size of Drohobych. It is surrounded by forests and fields, which I often walked, listening to my favorite songs in German. It was the proximity to nature that made the process of adaptation to the new country quick and almost imperceptible. For obvious reasons, the training could not take place in the usual way, but the teachers made an incredible amount of effort to make this semester interesting and full of good events. There are several features that pleasantly surprised me, namely: you can choose all the subjects yourself and change them during the first two weeks of study, adapting to your own preferences. Also during the semester there were no grades, and students answered only at will. In addition, students within the study of a particular subject could suggest their topics or vice versa remove something less interesting with the prior consent of the majority. This adjustment greatly increases the interest in the subject of study. Having a personal online office greatly simplifies learning, because all the necessary training materials are there and you do not need to look for anything else. Teachers are very demanding as to exams and here they already give grades. This requirement is offset by the fact that a few months before the exams, teachers began to actively advise students on the examination process. During all this time, they shared various useful materials, tips and comprehensively explained the evaluation criteria. Thanks to their efforts, the exams were held in a completely calm and relaxed atmosphere. In conclusion, I can confidently say that this semester was truly unique. Of course, I will continue to keep in touch with the people I have met during this time. It is worth noting that the experience gained while studying in Germany will allow you to quickly and easily implement plans for the future. I am indescribably glad that I managed to get acquainted with this beautiful country and the peculiarities of life in it. I would like to express my gratitude to Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University, in particular to my coordinator, Associate Professor Yaroslav Lopushansky, and to the teachers of my native Institute of Foreign Languages. Thank you for your work and the opportunity to study in my favorite European country!

                                                                                                  Nazariy REBETS, student of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​(gr. PAN-36B)