Information about International Relations Office

To the main tasks of the International Relations Office belong:

1) within the limits of its competence, ensuring the organization of measures for the implementation of normative legal acts of the current legislation in accordance with the directions of the Office’s activities and exercising control over their implementation;

2) concluding and supervising the implementation of international agreements on cooperation in the field of education and science, training and advanced training of University staff, training and internship of students and graduate students abroad;

3) control of the implementation of projects and programs joint with foreign partners;

4) providing conditions for effective cooperation in the framework of projects under the agreements of the University with foreign educational institutions, research institutions and other organizations;

5) development of mutually beneficial international scientific and technical relations, implementation of joint research projects while preserving and protecting national priorities, international exchange of scientific and technical information, technologies, joint publication of scientific articles, monographs, exhibitions, fairs, etc.;

6) facilitating the participation of the faculty and students of the University in scientific and educational programs that are in the area of ​​interests of the University, as well as in inter-university exchanges;

7) coordination of international cooperation carried out by the structural units of the University;

8) organization of search activities of EU grant programs, which support the development of scientific, educational, promotional work and other directions and topics;

9) organization of work on involvement (participation, participation, search for partners) in European Commission research projects;

10) organization of work on the functioning of certification programs;

11) organization of cultural exchanges;

12) implementation of other types of international cooperation.