Visit of teachers of social-humanitarian Faculty at Vives University College under Erasmus + Program March 31, 2016

March 27 Lecturers of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Remedial Education of the socio-humanitarian faculty consisting of the Dean, Assoc. Prof. I. Grynyk, Assoc. Prof N. Hordienko and lecture M. Klim  were trained at Vives University College (Kortrijk, Belgium) under Erasmus + Program. While visiting the partner university, our colleagues took part in an international conference on migration (about 70 participants from 11 European countries), gave lectures for students, got acquainted with the peculiarities of training social workers, visited the institutions of social care for people with disabilities and institutions of social work with minors having deviant behavior. During the visit to Belgium the Dean of the Faculty took part in the negotiation meetings with partner organizations in Belgium and Romania for planning and implementing the directions of further cooperation.

In April 2016 the socio-humanitarian faculty will hold a series of workshops to assist persons with disabilities and their families, with the participation of Belgian and Romanian trainers, and in May this year, the faculty will host a delegation of teachers and students of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, Vives University College, to implement together with our teachers and students of social pedagogy a project to assist migrants and internally displaced persons. The plans for the future are to continue the program of practical training of students of social pedagogy in institutions of social care in Belgium and of Belgian students in Ukraine, studies of our students  at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences at Vives University College under Erasmus + Program. During the visit the Drohobych delegation got acquainted with the history and incredible beauty of the Belgian cities – Brussels, Bruges, Mechelen and Kortrijk.