On March 18 – 24, 2018, the project MANTELLUISTEREN “INFORMAL CAREGIVERS, VOLUNTEERS AND PROFESSIONALS: ONE TEAM” was implemented at the department of biology and natural sciences and the department of social studies and humanities of the Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University in Drohobych together with the VIVES University College, with the support of the VZW ORADEA non-governmental organization. The project was aimed at increasing the skills of volunteers, nurses to work (listen), support parents, caregivers and help people with disabilities. Associate professor Liz Patelion, Svitlana Musina and four students came to Drohobych from Belgium to implement the project, in particular Lies Deklan, Jala Descheper, Alisa Kurishka and Lissolet Desmadril.

The work on the international project started with the greetings of the rector Professor Nadia Skotna and the Vice-Rector Associate Professor Yuri Vovk, who told the guests about the activities of the University, and emphasized the importance of international partnerships.

The project started at the department of biology and natural sciences, where Svitlana Musina gave a lecture on the project “Mantelluisteren”, and Mariana Gavrylkiv presented the activity of the Parostok volunteer group. Thereafter, the student volunteer groups worked in families with children with special needs.

During the project, the students and teachers of the department of biology and natural sciences and the department of social studies and humanities, as well as the Institute of Physical Culture and Health had the opportunity to listen to a series of lectures: “Informal care and stress”, “Volunteer work and care in Belgium” (lecturer associate professor Lies Pitellion), “Volunteering in Ukraine” (lecturer, associate professor Orest Huk).

For our colleagues from the VIVES University College meetings were organized with the heads of the Lviv Medical University and Sambir Medical School. Also the participants got acquainted with the methods of rehabilitation at the International Clinic of Rehabilitation of Professor VI Koziavkin and visited the Vernyhora rehabilitation center.

The project participants discussed further cooperation with the mayor of Truskavets Andriy Kulchynsky and the Honorary Consul of Belgium in the western region Yaroslav Hartsula.

The colleagues from the VIVES College conducted a workshop for students of Popeli school on the topic “Stress”.

At the same time, the project participants worked on issues faced every day by the parents and caregivers in families with disabled children. Also, a meeting was held with the heads of the Nadia Voluntary Society for the Protection of Children with Disabilities in Drohobych and the Sonechko Regional Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children.

A creative workshop was organized within the framework of the project (headed by Associate Professor Lesya Koltok), joined by students of the department of biology and natural sciences and the department of social studies and humanities, as well as the department of elementary and artistic education, the participants of the Ukrainian-Belgian project and the persons with special needs attending the Parostok consulting center. All those present learned how to make a basket of painted Easter eggs in different styles (quilting, modeling, etc.), and painted T-shirts with the paints brought by Belgian students.

On March 23, the project participants summed up the results of the Ukrainian-Belgian week in Drohobych, which was solemnly opened by Rector Professor Nadezhda Scotna. She emphasized the need for such a project, and also emphasized the importance of exchanging experiences for students and teachers. The vice-rector Yuriy Vovk, associate professors Svitlana Voloshanska and Ihor Hrynyk gave welcoming speeches. The report started with the presentation of the Belgian lecturers Svitlana Musina and Lies Patelion, who then gave the floor to the students. The project participants reported their results to the teachers and invited guests. No one remained indifferent to the outlined problem.

In the end, all participants were presented with certificates of participation in the project “MANTELLUISTEREN” “INFORMAL CAREGIVERS, VOLUNTEERS AND PROFESSIONALS: ONE TEAM”.

The translation services were provided by the students of the Institute of Foreign languages of the Ivan Franko University.