The Teachers of our University were interning at the Polonium Academy in Czenstochowa (Poland)

On April 1-10, 2019 , a senior lecturer of the Department of Germanic Languages and Translation Studies Yuliya Talalay was been interning intensively at the Polonium Academy in Czenstochowa (Poland). Our teacher worked with the students, studying according to the program Erasmus + for Bachelors and Masters. Yuliya Talalay had an opportunity to present the special subject “Practical English: Banking and Finance”. To complete this task successfully the teacher worked with the latest technologies and skillfully applied the advanced pedagogical methods such as interactive boards, whiteboards, the online Supermemo platform. She helped the students to develop foreign-language communication skills, to prepare speeches for the International Congress, the International English Language Test LCCI as well. In general, the internship in Poland was full of interesting activities, which enriched our teacher with invaluable experience.