The 5th International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists and Students

On October 27-282022, the Faculty of Human Health and Natural Sciences hosted the 5th International scientific and practical conference of young scientists and students “Current state and prospects for the development of bio- and agrocenoses in the conditions of constant man-made pollution” aimed at reaching the goals of sustainable development in modern society Almost 100 participants took part in the conference.

The conference united the scientific community – scientists and students representing universities in many regions of Ukraine and abroad. The topics of the reports included the state of natural resources, prospects for their preservation and restoration, problems of a healthy lifestyle in the context of human ecology, environmental awareness and education in the context of the New Ukrainian School.

All reports of the conference participants were interesting and relevant. Special thanks to the organizing committee and our long-term partners from Vives University, NGO Oradea and Polonia Academy.in Częstochowa.