Second meeting with Bishop Grosseteste University

On July 5, 2022 we had the second meeting with Bishop Grosseteste University aimed at twinning our both HEIs. We’re very grateful to our colleagues for the initiatives and support of ideas of future cooperation, namely to prof. Peter Neil, prof. Wayne Dyble, prof. Scott Fleming. Right now we can conclude we have agreed to develop such forms of cooperation: Drohobych University has been given the link to resources of BGU library and some of them are accessible via SCONUL already; student mobility is the next step to be taken starting with virtual one and proceeding with mutual grant application; work with the programs of English at Drohobych University; getting to know University research teams and development of scientific cooperation; communication of student unions of both HEIs. All these points will be talked over at the next meeting as well to concretize actual steps to be taken.
We’re very grateful to Cormack Consultancies for this possibility of twinning with BGU, for constant support and mediation of our communication, namely to Anzhela Stashchak, who moderated the meeting.