Professor Oresta Karpenko received a scholarship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

According to the results of the competition for Ukrainian researchers, which is conducted within the framework of the regular program of academic exchanges of Austria “Joint achievements in the field of technical and humanities”, professor Oresta Karpenko, the Department of General Pedagogy and Preschool Education, received a scholarship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The competition aims to support Ukrainian scientists who want to implement scientific projects at Austria research institutions. The research will be conducted at the Institute of Psychosocial Intervention and Communicative Studies, the University of Innsbruck.

This is the sixth international scholarship for the young scientist. The continuation of scientific research will facilitate the systematic generalization of genesis and content of education as a complex dialectical process and the development of the author’s concept of training of pedagogical personnel at the beginning of the 21st century, which will optimize the technological process and implement prognostic justification of the possibilities to creatively use theoretical training of pedagogical staff in modern realities in Ukraine.

We wish you every success in research!!!