Presentation of Mariya Yarko’s papers

On March 04, Assistant Professor of the department of musicology and piano Mariya Yarko, a member of National Composers Association of Ukraine, presented her monographs and text-books at Music and Pedagogy Faculty.
Ярко М.ІThe following papers were presented:

1. Methodological Materials for Students’ Independent Work in the Disciplines: a) Modern Musicology Problems; b) Musical Aptitude psychology; c) Modern Musical Culture Problems; d) Musical Composition Analysis.

2. Monograph (2 volumes): “Epistemology of the World of Music: Methodological Reflections and Postmodern Musicology Consciousness Algorithms”.

3. “Piano ‘Variations’ by M.Skoryk in the Context of Modernist Canon of Sound Comprehension and Modern Character of National Style Creation” (with musical notation appendix)

4. “Ukrainian Piano Sonata”

5. Monograph: “Ukrainian Chamber Cantata: the Genre Form Invariant”

6. Monograph: “Modern General Music Education”

7. Monograph: “Vasyl Barvinskyy’s Instrumental Works in Modern Musicology Hermeneutics”