Polish partners from Legnica continue to support the University

Since the beginning of russia’s full-scale war against our country, the university has constantly received support from foreign partners. On July 16-172023Dr. Beata Skwarek and Jerzy Dorozhka representing the State Institution of Higher Education “Collegium Witelona” (Legnica, Poland) and the Association “Academic Community” paid their regular – already 20-th visit! They brought packages with hygiene products and detergents donated by Caritas of Legnica for internally displaced persons who live in Dormitory No. 1, as well as children’s clothes and sets (diapers, blankets for children and shirts for mothers) from Legnica city hall, which were handed over to Drohobych City Hall for the maternity ward Drohobych hospital.
They also came to hand over invitations to the first Festival of Polish-Ukrainian Culture, which will take place on September 2, 2023 in Legnica. within the framework of the project “Under a common sky”. The Association “Academic Community” and the State Institution of Higher of education “Collegium Witelona” co-organize the first Polish-Ukrainian Culture Festival in Legnica co-financed by the PZU Foundation.
During the meeting at Drohobych University, a partnership agreement was signed regarding the implementation of the project “Under a common sky – students at the Festival of Polish-Ukrainian Culture” funded by the Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council under a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science. Dr. Beata Skwarek also handed over the monograph “In the interests of the child’s development and safety – social and legal aspects” edited by Anna Pavlyak, Beata Skwarek, Yustyna Stadnichenko – the result of the 5th International Scientific Conference “Social and Legal Aspects of Care and Education in the 21st Century: challenges, threats, hopes”, which took place on November 25, 2022 online.
Another, no less important moment of the visit was the completion of the project “We have this strength – tireless and effective in helping”, which is implemented by the “Academic Community” Association. The project is co-financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation as part of the “We Support Ukraine” program implemented by the “Education for Democracy” Foundation. The room for creative and physical activity in the Drohobych University dormitory was equipped with tools for classes on the creative development of children.
We are grateful to our partners for their constant support and help in this difficult time for all of us, and we believe that with joint efforts we will achieve the desired victory.