Poland’s Independence Day: the friends we are proud of!

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the occasion of the biggest public holiday of the Republic of Poland – Independence Day. In 1918, Poland returned to the map of Europe having been ruled by other countries for 123 years including Austria, Prussia and Russia. The Republic of Poland went through a difficult path to becoming a free state, the people defended their right to a free life, and now they are in the first line of countries that support us in the fight for sovereignty.
Today, Poland is with us; it is our partner. And we feel this support not only at the level of the government but also from Polish communities and ordinary people. Today, Drohobych University has friendly relations with a number of Polish higher education institutions, and this cooperation is not just developing, it has acquired more significance since February 24, 2022. Our friends from Poland were the first to respond and provide assistance. And it is highly appreciated. Poland is more than a strategic partner, more than a good neighbor, it is a true friend and ally.
We are convinced that we will continue to move towards a common future in the European community, develop science and enrich culture.
Long live Poland! Victory will be ours! Thank you for your support! Niech žyé Polska!