On April 27 – 30, 2018, the XI International “PERPETUUM MOBILE” accordion competition took place at our University. This year’s artistic forum brought together performers from Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Poland in five nominations, among them – soloists (students of elementary art schools, students of institutions of higher education of the I-II and III-IV accreditation levels), accordion and folk instruments ensembles of small and large compositions, folk instrument orchestras.

The honorable jury included scholars, performers, teachers, heads of educational institutions: from Ukraine – Andriy Stashevskyi (Poltava), Ihor Sayenko (Kyiv), Yaroslav Oleksiv and Serhiy Karas (Lviv), Viktor Chumak, Yuri Chumak, Serhiy Maksymov (Drohobych), Mykhailo Dmytryshyn (Ternopil); Italy – Volodymyr Zubytskyi; Poland – Janusz Krol (Kielce); Lithuania – Eduardas Gabnis (Vilnius) and Gintautas Balciunas (Kielce); Belarus – Mykola Sievriukov (Minsk) and Trofim Antipov (Homel); Czech Republic – Marsella Kusova-Khalmova (Ostrava); Spain – Gorca Hermosa (Santander).

The contest included the following events:

III International Scientific and Practical Conference “Music Art of the 21st Century: History, Theory, Practice”, which is included in the 2018 plan of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. About seventy participants presented their scientific papers, in particular from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain, Byelorussia, Russia and Ukraine. At the end of the conference, a collection of works was published in conjunction with the scientific institutes of Poland (Institute of Musical Education of the Jan Kochanowski University), Lithuania (Music Academy of the Vytautas the Great University) and Kazakhstan (Kurmangazi National Conservatory of Kazakhstan);

concerts – “QUARTET AKKO PROJECT” (Kiev): Honored Artists of Ukraine Roman Molochenko, Oleh Shiyan; Laureates of international contests Vitaliy Kozytsky, Bohdan Mashtaliar; Honored Artist of Ukraine Ihor Sayenko (accordion, Kiev) and duet “PASSIONÉ” (Czech Republic): Marsela Kusova-Halmova (accordion), Daniela Grigarova-Formanova (violin); Gorca Hermosa (accordion, Spain); Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Volodymyr Zubytskyi (Italy – Ukraine) and young performers of Mantas Leonardo Licsi (Palanga, Lithuania), Volodymyr Bobanych (Drohobych), Roman Puneiko (Lviv); the worksjops by professor Gorca Hermosa (Santander, Spain).

The information support of the artistic event was provided by the Ukrainian radio (9.00 am on April 27, there was a live broadcast), radio “Culture”, “UA: First”, live radio “Voskresinnia”, portal of academic contests of Ukraine “Music-Review Ukraine”, Drohobych Internet news blog “Maidan”, “ABBiA” and “GoldAccordion.com” sites.

Our results:

I prize – Volodymyr Bobanych (class of associate professor Andriy Dushny);

III Prize – the duet: Yuriy Bobitko and Ivan Sobil (class of senior teacher Valery Shafeta).