Participation of university scientists at the NATO ASI International Conference School in Bulgaria

The scientists at our university (associate professor Taras Kavetsky, postgraduate students Yulia Kukhazh, Maryana Kravtsiv and Khrystyna Zubrytska) received NATO grants for participation in the work of the International Advanced Study Institute “Advanced Technologies for Detection and Protection Against CBRN Agents” within the framework of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Program, which took place from September 12 to 20, 2017 in Sozopol, Bulgaria.

Two lectures were presented at the conference: “Positron annihilation spectroscopy as a powerful experimental platform of nanotechnology applied to polymer nanocomposites with ion-synthesized carbon nanostructures and metal nanoparticles” and “Ureasil-based polymer matrices as sensitive layers for the construction of amperometric biosensors for monitoring the level of wastewater pollution “(by Taras Kavetsky) and 3 reports:” Swelling behavior of organic-inorganic ureasil-based polymers “(by Yulia Kuhazh),” Surface Plasmon Resonance Band of ion-synthesized Ag nanoparticles in high-dose Ag: PMMA nanocomposite films “(by Marian Kravtsiv) and” Formation of a periodic structure in a chalcogenide film substrate by silver ion implantation “(by Khrystyna Zubrytska).

During the conference our participants discussed the prospects of international cooperation with scientists from Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Germany.