Participation in the conference “University and Leadership”

On November 9, 2016 Prof. Svitlana Shchudlo of the Department of Law, Sociology and Political Science and assistant professor Zoriana Hnativ of the Department of Music Education and Conducting participated in the Second International Scientific and Practical Conference “University and Leadership” held in Borys Grinchenko University, Kyiv under the Tempus project Education for leadership, Intelligence and talent Encouraging (ELITE -). Among the participants were scientists both from Ukraine and other countries (Lithuania, Finland, USA, UK).

During the conference, the results of the project implementation by the 12 university teams were presented. Prof. Svitlana Shchudlo delivered a report at the session “Quality of Higher Education” and presented the results of the project, implemented by the university team led by Prof. Nadiya Skotna, the Rector under the Program of Leadership Potential Development in the Universities in Ukraine.

In the course of ten month long project of the British Council and the Institute for Higher Education of NAPS of Ukraine the university team composed of 6 people took part in a series of workshops, seminars, conferences, reporting sessions. The next step of the project is a visit of the team to the British Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, which established a partnership, to review the system of quality assurance and university management.