Opening of “Business Security Management” courses within the framework of the NATO-Ukraine Program for Retraining Released or Retired Servicemen at the Ivan Franko University

On July 20, 2017 within the framework of the NATO-Ukraine Program for Retraining of military personnel there was a solemn event in the main building of Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University in Drohobych dedicated to the opening of retraining courses for ex-servicemen.

The event was attended by the ex-military, as well as the Director of the Office for political relations and political security of NATO headquarters Dr. Alberto Bin, Manager of the NATO-Ukraine Program Christopher Staudt, Executive Program Manager Alexander Ogorodnikov, Rector of the University Professor Nadiya Skotna, Director of ZRTSP Andriy Roy, Director of the university Center of postgraduate training Svitlana Hirnyak, chief specialist on mobilization and cooperation with law enforcement agencies in Drohobych Yaroslav Yanushevych, acting commander of the military unit A 1108 Major Ihor Herchuk.

The audience was greeted by Dr. Alberto Bin, who noted that the NATO-Ukraine program of the military personnel retraining is one of the most successful areas of cooperation between NATO and Ukraine and is an integral part of the alliance cooperation with Ukraine on its path of reform. It also makes it possible to demonstrate that NATO is not only a military organization, but also supports people who complete their military careers and seek reincarnation in the civil and professional life.

The Rector Professor Nadiya Skotna thanked the representatives of NATO for their cooperation and the military personnel who wish to study in Drohobych Pedagogical University. Assoc. Prof. Svitlana Hirnyak noted that after completing the courses, the graduates will receive standard certificates of advanced training that allow the servicemen released to the reserve to gain competitive advantages in terms of employment and opening businesses of their own.

It should be noted that the NATO-Ukraine Program on Retraining Servicemen is funded from the civilian budget of the North Atlantic Alliance, and therefore several thousand active and demobilized military personnel have undergone similar courses in many cities of the country. The main task of the NATO-Ukraine Program on Retraining Servicemen is to raise the level of employment of ex-servicemen and demobilized ATO participants.