Meeting in memory of the Heroes of Maidan

On February 26, 2014, a meeting in memory of the Heroes of Maidan – Nebesna Sotnia – was carried out. Father Myroslav Sobolta celebrated the memorial service for the innocent murder victims. Rector – Prof. Nadiia Skotna – made special mention of the greatness of the deed of Maidan Heroes who supported the European integration of Ukraine and its territorial integrity. The students Tetyana Semyankiv (Faculty of Primary Education), students’ rector Ivan Kherovych (Faculty of History), and Olha Kozar (Institute of Foreign Languages) shared their impressions about Kyiv and Drohobych Euromaidan. The choristers of the Drohobych Boian chorus (art director: Ass.Prof. Petro Hushovatyy) performed the compositions “Our Father”, “You see, my brother”, and the National Anthem of Ukraine.