Literary meeting with writer Vasyl Gabor

Vasyl Gabor sharing his views with the faculty

Vasyl Gabor sharing his views with the faculty

March 22, 2016 a meeting with Vasil Gabor, a writer, publisher, the author of a publishing project “Private Collection” of Piramida Publishing House was held at the Department of Philology The event was initiated by assistant professor of Ukrainian literature and literary theory Myroslava Ivanyshyn.

The author presented to the readers the lesser-known names of Sofia Yablonska and Daria Vikonska, the literary work of Mykola Ilnytsky, B.-I. Antonych, the essays of Oleh Lysheha, a book by a Colombian scholar on modern Ukrainian literature and cultural situation, including Marek Andreychek’s “An intellectual as the main character of the Ukrainian prose of the 1990ies”.

The project idea and its implementation were discussed, as well as the relevance of certain works, their place in the Ukrainian literature.

The current events in the East of the country and their reflection by contemporary writers were also the topic of the discussion, including the war-inspired book by our compatriot Halyna Pahutyak “New Year in Istanbul.”