Lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Languages participated in the Erasmus + program

From May 23 to 27, 2022 Yulia Talalai, a lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Languages, spent a week at the University of Rzeszów within the Erasmus + program. During the visit, Yulia got acquainted with the curricula and methodological literature. According to the mobility program, she conducted classes in “Business English” for more than thirty students majoring in “Finances and Accounting”. She also conducted classes in “General English” for students majoring in “Biology” and classes in the discipline “English for Professional Purposes (Medical English)” for students majoring in “Electroradiology”. She met with the director of the Center for Foreign Languages ​​Sławomir Schultis, to whom she is sincerely grateful for the opportunity to cooperate.

The administration of Drohobych University expresses sincere gratitude to Lucyna Kustra-Kleczek – the main coordinator of Erasmus+ at the University of Rzeszow for organizing the visit of our teacher.