Join the ІТ-army

Cyberpolice has developed a Telegram chatbot to block disinformation services.

With the help of this bot, you can block Telegram channels, YouTube channels, Facebook groups, Instagram profiles that spread misinformation, as well as information about the locations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Detailed instructions for blocking each of the services will be sent to chatbot users.

We invite everyone to actively participate in blocking subversive resources.

Link to the chatbot 👉 https://t.me/stopdrugsbot. Here, citizens send identified resources for verification and further blocking.

Link to the Telegram channel

👉https: //t.me/stoprussiachannel. Sabotage resources for blocking and detailed instructions on how to do this will be sent here.

For those who want to take part in DDoS attacks – https://t.me/+97Y45he5lOI2ZTky

Or for non-technical people, just open in the browser https://stop-russian-desinformation.near.page/ because together we are a force (бо разом ми сила) 💪🇺🇦🚀🔥

Telegram (https://t.me/+97Y45he5lOI2ZTky)

DDOS in SEPAR’S country

Voluntarily Ddos the sites of militant Muscovites.

For beginners https: //t.me/c/1627443142/161

Revenge of Russia INSTRUCTIONS

  1. Follow the Comp link (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/vpn)/ Android phone (https://play.google.com/store/search?q=vpn&c=apps) and install any -what a free VPN (orbrave.com and go to tor mode)
  2. register on protonmail.com without a phone (captcha). Put the name similar to Russian, without 1488, etc.
  3. send a message in Russian about the mining of a chosen object (you can choose it on 2Gis / Google Maps) in Moscow at: http://www.fsb.ru/fsb/webreception.htm

Targets for the attack – the homes and factories of Russian oligarchs who support Putin

Usmanov “owns VK”

Mikhail Fridman

Roman Abramovich, investment company of Millhouse

Viktor Vekselberg (gold of Kamchatka, Renovo)

Igor Bukhman

Alexander Abramov

Stations that can transport military equipment.

Petrol stations on the roads leading to Ukraine

Journalists who support Putin

Soloviev, Skabeeva, and others.

They can be found on the Internet

in the contact details write random names / Chechen-Churkiv surnames-names

Alternative: apply by email letter at e-mail fsb@fsb.ru

military counterintelligence department uvkr@fsb.ru (write here about fake movements of Ukrainian troops in Russia)

ATO Centre csnsput@fsb.ru (about mining)

military medical management vmu@fsb.ru

Investigation Bureau invest@fsb.ru

Centre of special equipment cst@fsb.ru

Centre for International Cooperation ums@fsb.ru

REB management rkr@fsb.ru (say that you hear on the radio some military walkie-talkie)

Join the IT army to defeat the enemy.

If you have digital skills: developers, cyber specialists, designers, copywriters, marketers, targetologists, etc. – join the Telegram channel👉 @ itarmyofukraine2022.

We will show all operational tasks there. The first tasks for cyber specialists are already there😎

We continue to fight on the cyber front