International support for Ukraine continues

On March 24, 2023, Drohobych was once again visited by volunteer friends from Poland who take care of internally displaced persons living in the university student dormitory.
Food and sweets for the youngest residents of the hostel were donated by Polish patrons and simply caring people. Today, the entire Polish community cheers for Ukraine, worries and sympathizes with those families who, having lost their homes, were forced to leave their hometowns and villages. However, such support from European partners gives us understanding that we are not left alone to face the tragedy that befell our country. Poland is precisely the state that provides aid not only of a military and defense nature, but is one of the key donors in humanitarian policy.
The university administration expresses its sincere gratitude to volunteer friends Łukasz Szulc and Ulyana Stasyshyn and patrons (Smurfit Kappa Polska, Obywatelska Wielkopolska, Dermatic.pl) for the help provided. Also, a special gratitude from the university community to the charitable organization “Charitable Fund of the Vesely Family”, which helps to organize delivery of humanitarian aid and arrange the well-being of the dormitory residents.
Together to victory, together we will rebuild our Ukraine!