International Scientific Conference

The conference participants

The conference participants

On 30 – 31 March , 2016 at the Department of General Pedagogy and Preschool Education, the Laboratory of Pedagogical Creativity held International scientific conference “Education in the context of civilizational processes: domestic and foreign experience.” The forum was attended by 117 scientists from Poland, Austria, Belarus, and Ukraine. The participants dwelled on the education of children and youth according to the national educational standards, care and education of children in historical and anthropological dimensions, theoretical and methodological principles of training teachers in educational work in the context of the transformation of social processes, psychological and pedagogical principles of education of children in different social institutions, problems of upbringing the children and youth in the conditions of European integration.

Before the conference two issues of the professional periodical “Human Studies”, and the English-language collective monograph “In the Sphere of Education and Artistic Work” (ed. M. Chepil, A. Zhukovska, O. Karpenko) were brought out, which presents the research results of scientists from Ukraine, Poland and Belarus. The book is dedicated to essential spheres of human life – education, human development in a multicultural space, pedagogical support of creativity. The guests and participants of the conference were interested in an exhibition of papers published by the teaching staff of the Department of General Pedagogy and Preschool Education and art works of the students of “Preschool education”. The International Conference concluded with the concert of Dzherelo artistic group of the Institute of Musical Arts, which presented a selection of Ukrainian folk songs.

The conference ended by giving its participants a new impetus to scientific research in the field of pedagogy, history of education, preschool education and professional techniques.