International conference “Southeastern Confines – modern discovery of the Polish culture”

On 3-4 July 2017 an international conference ” Southeastern Confines – modern discovery of the Polish culture” was held by the Department of Theory of Culture and Arts in the Institute of Cultural Studies with John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin together with Ihor Meniok Polonistic Research and Information Center with Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University in Drohobych.

On July 3, the conference meetings were held in Truskavets (Lisova Pisnia Hotel), and on July 4 in the main building of the university.

The wealth of Ukrainian and Polish culture on the so-called Confines was an indisputable fact for many centuries, but due to the uprisings, wars and political changes they have suffered significant losses. In addition, the concept of “confines”, interpreted differently by numerous associations, turned into a great burden of emotions, first of all for the Poles. “Confineness” is a multi-dimensional and debatable concept for both Polish and Ukrainian history and culture. The purpose of the conference was to show that the memory of the spiritual and material legacy of Polish culture has been preserved in Eastern Galicia. At the same time it dealt with the scientific and cultural and social priority of multiculturalism, which, unlike the category of “confineness” provides tolerance to each carrier of cultural identity, denied domination of one identity over another.

The conference was attended by Polish researchers from various fields, in particular, cultural studies, literary studies, linguistics, history, history of arts, political science, sociology. Reports were made by scientists from such universities as Oxford University, Warsaw University, Jagiellonian University, University of Gdansk, Lodz University, the University of Szczecin, Catholic University in Lublin, Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, Bialostok University, University of Silesia.

The conference was also attended by scientists from our university. Prof. Iryna Bermes and assoc. prof. Oleksandr Nymylovych made musicology presentations. Prof. Leonid Tymoshenko, assoc. prof. Iryna Lozynska, assoc. prof. Bohdan Lazorak, Master Lesia Khomich offered a controversially interesting historical cycle of scientific performances. Literary problems associated with the works of Bruno Schulz and Debora Vogel have been proposed in the reports of Assoc. Prof. Vira Meniok and Vira Romanyshyn, MA.

At the end of the conference the guests visited the Bruno Schulz Museum – the first focal museum in the world of the renowned writer and artist, founded in 2003 by Polonistic Research and Information Center. The tour of the museum was guided by Vira Romanyshyn, then a short tour of Drohobych was guided by Leonid Golberg.

The numerous discussions at the conference once again confirmed the need for an open, scientifically reasoned and sincere talks between the Poles and Ukrainians, even on historically and emotionally ambivalent and complex topics.

Associate Professor of the Department of World Literature and Slavicists Vira Meniok

During the conference sessions at the University, July 4, 2017

During the excursion to the Bruno Schulz Museum

Conference participants near the main building of the university

Conference participants near the main building of the university