Easter gifts for IDP children and children with special needs

Last Saturday, March 25, 2023, non-governmental organizations from Germany and Poland joined the already large group of foreign donors who have been providing humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons under the care of our university since the beginning of the full-scale war of russia against Ukraine. This time it was Mrs. Barbara Benz from the public organization SchutzengelWerk gGmbH from Berlin and Mr. Piotr Dlugosz from the “Pojutrze” Society, which conducts volunteer and community activities in the Polish city of Konin. The humanitarian aid brought by our guests was individually distributed among the children of IDPs who live in dormitory No. 5 and sick children and orphans from the multidisciplinary educational and rehabilitation centre “Harmony” in Boryslav.
Polish and German children of different ages, from different educational institutions, have collected individual packages with holiday gifts for each Ukrainian child. Barbara Benz and Piotr Dlugosz emphasized during the meetings that these packages are a sign of solidarity and friendship with Ukraine, a sign that our Ukrainian children have many friends abroad, who – together with these packages – send pieces of their hearts and a great desire that Ukraine’s victory over the russian aggressor was as quick as possible.
In our dormitory, the guests were welcomed by Volodymyr Dumych – head of the information activity and youth policy department at Drohobych University, Roman Shlyarp – the first deputy head of the Drohobych District Military Administration, Vira Menyok – the head of the Polonistic Research and Information Centre at Drohobych University, Andriy Kuhar – acting director of the educational and rehabilitation center “Harmony” in Boryslav, Tamara Koziy – the leading concertmaster of the department of vocal, choral, choreographic and visual arts, Mykola Savchyn – the dormitory No. 5 superintendant. Roman Shlyarp and Volodymyr Dumych gave welcoming speeches.
Sincere emotions were evoked by the musical greeting prepared by Tamara Koziy and her musical group “Namisto”, which she created herself featuring female amateur performers from Kherson, Kharkiv, Irpen, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, who live in our hostel. The band “Namisto” is a special symbol of Ukraine’s unity in the fight against the ancient enemy russia, a singing embodiment of the firm conviction that our people are invincible both in their sacred struggle for freedom and independence, and in our Ukrainian song, which preserves and carries through the ages our national cultural code. And, of course, the greatest joy was for the children, because every child, of different ages received their own gift package.
In the Boryslav educational and rehabilitation centre “Harmony” the meeting with pupils – children with special needs – was especially heart-warming. The children rejoiced at the guests, thanked them for the gifts, and invited them to visit them again. Andriy Kuhar talked about the centre and gave an interesting tour of the facility.
Roman Shlyarp expressed hope that our German and Polish friends will come over again and again to this special place in Boryslav, as well as to IDP children living in the University dormitory, and also visit other orphanages and homes for disabled children in the Drohobych district.
The initiator and coordinator of the implementation of humanitarian aid for children was the Polonist Scientific and Information Centre named after Ihor Menyok at Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University.
Vera Menyok, Head of the Polonist Scientific and Information Centre