Polish educators and psychologists trained in Franko University

During September nine teaching staff members of the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (Lublin, Poland) have attended the study course at the Department of Social Studies and Humanities, including: Prof. Dr. Anna Dudak, Prof. Dr. Katarzyna Klimkowska, associate Dr. Grzegorz Sanecki, associate Dr. Renata Franczak, associate Dr. Monika Chajkowska, associate Dr. Anna Wiatrowska, associate Dr. Sara Filipiak, associate Dr. Małgorzata Kostka-Szymanska, associate Dr. Anna Tychmanowicz.

During their meeting with the rector Professor Nadia Skotna they discussed the results of cooperation between the departments over the past ten years, outlining new prospects. The Dean Ihor Hrynyk acquainted the colleagues with the international activity of the Department, described the cooperation with other foreign partners, emphasised the peculiarities of our graduates’ activity in Ukraine. The Assistant Dean on International Cooperation of The Department of Pedagogy and Psychology Anna Dudak outlined her own vision of cooperation between departments, suggested solutions of the topical problems of unemployment in the post-Soviet countries, raising children in single-parent families, creating incentives for teaching children of different age groups, etc.

The Polish colleagues got acquainted with the organization of educational process and the experience of teaching psychological and pedagogical subjects in Drohobych University, conversed with their Ukrainian colleagues and students, took part in the International scientific conference “Pedagogical aspects of professional training in universities” (6th September 2016), jointly organized and conducted workshops in “Pedagogical Activities in Ukraine and Poland under multicultural conditions” (12th September 2016).

The faculty of the Department acquainted the Polish colleagues with the problems of modern Ukrainian education, functioning of pedagogical universities, shared theoretical and practical results of their activity.

The partners also visited and got acquainted with the experience of social service centers in the region, educational establishments, pre-schools, the Regional Center of Social Rehabilitation of Children with Special Needs “Sonechko” (Stebnyk).