Dear academic community!

I sincerely congratulate you on International Mother Language Day! For all of us, the native mother’s word has always been a talisman because it contains the heritage of the ages, the memory of the people, and conveys all the dimensions of the spiritual treasures of generations. It is here that the historical destiny, spiritual power and genetic code of the nation are imprinted. Without a mother tongue, no person is able to fully feel a part of his people, its history and culture. Therefore, among the thousands of languages that exist on the planet, the most precious for everyone is their native language.
The Ukrainian language is the soul of millions of Ukrainians, hardened by history and honed by the creativity of the most talented artists. Our people have fought for more than one century for their native language to become the state language today. After all, there is no people without their language, their original culture.
Respect and love your native language, take care of it, protect it, search for it and discover its greatness and mighty power for yourself! Preserve it in all its wonderful beauty for yourself and future generations!
Rector Professor Valentyna BODAK