Bilateral student exchange

8 – 14 May 2016 an annual exchange of students between the historical faculty of Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University, Drohobych and Humanistic Department of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland took place. A group of students and historians led by Professor Oxana Timoshenko took part in local history practice of the students of Humanistic Department and visited a number of architectural monuments in Poland and Slovakia – namely, the monuments at Opatow and Krakow, Orawa Castle and Spiš Castle, protected by UNESCO. The also visited the basilica and churches of Levoca (Slovakia).
A group of students led by Professor Irene Lozinskaya along with Polish visitors led by Professor Henryk Gmiteryk got acquainted with the historical monuments of Drohobych, Lviv, Dubna and other cities. The delegation also visited the Rock Fortress “Tustan” and the museum in the oil industry in Boryslav.