A valuable gift for the dormitory residents

As we have already reported, a distinguished teacher union delegation from the United States of America and the Republic of Poland visited Drohobych University last October. Among other things, the union leaders visited the university dormitory to see the living conditions of internally displaced persons, to learn their needs and wishes. The guests had the opportunity to talk with the educators who left their native homes due to the influx of muscovites. The stories of difficult escape, moving and settling in a hostel were tragic.
At the same time, the American colleagues learned that the residents of the dormitory needed a source of stable electric current for a more comfortable stay, because due to the rocket attacks on critical infrastructure, electricity is supplied according to a special schedule, which causes problems with cooking, laundry, children’s homework etc.
And so on February 14, the wishes of the residents of the dormitory, so to speak, materialized: our colleagues – union leaders from the American Federation of Teachers, led by Mrs. Randy Weingarten, made a valuable gift for them by handing over a generator.
On behalf of the residents of Dormitory No. 5 and internally displaced persons, we express our sincere gratitude to our American colleagues for their support and hope for further cooperation.