A cooperation agreement signed between Franko University and Dolnośląska Higher School

On January 25, 2018, our university was visited by the delegation of the Institute of Pedagogy of the Dolnośląska Higher School (Wroclaw, Poland), together with the head of the Lviv regional organization of the union of educationalists and scientists of Ukraine Maria Yatseiko.

The meeting was attended by Rector Professor Nadia Skotna, Head of the Department of Pedagogical Sciences, Dolnośląska Higher School, Barbara Kutrovska, Head of the Regional Organization of the Union Maria Yatseiko, President of the Association of Polish Teachers of Lower Silesia Miroslawa Chodubska, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work, Associate Professor Yuri Vovk, Head of the Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, the head of the trade union of our university Associate Professor Olena Kutsyk.

During the meeting strategic issues of joint research, cultural events, academic mobility of students and teachers of both universities were discussed, and an agreement on cooperation between our university and Dolnośląska Higher School was signed.