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Uhryn Yurii

Угрин Юрій ОрестовичUhryn Yurii, PhD in Physics (Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Associate Professor (Docent), Associate Professor of the Department of Physics. In 1991 He defended his Ph doctor thesis on the topic: “Quantum oscillations of magnetoresistance in narrow-gap semiconductors” in the specialty 01.04.10 – Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics. Author of about 80 scientific and educational works and 4 Patents of Ukraine and USA.



Lectures of the disciplines:

  • General Physics
  • Biophysics
  • Experimental methods for the study of semiconductors
  • Materials science of semiconductors

Scientific interests: include the study of galvanomagnetic phenomena in solids (metals, semiconductors and superconductors). Investigations of the electrical properties of living tissues. Methods of teaching physical disciplines.

Participation in research projects:

  • The influence of acoustoelectronic interaction on the conditions of formation of the surface superlattice under laser irradiation of GaAs, CdTe (2016 – 2018, state registration number 0116U004736);
  • The formation of the superlattice of adsorbed atoms in semiconductors with a zinc blast structure in electric and mechanical fields (2019 – 2021, state registration number 0119U100667);


Publication (Google Scholar)

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