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Kuzyk Oleh

Кузик Олег ВасильовичKuzyk Oleh, PhD in Physics (Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Associate Professor (Docent), Associate Professor of the Department of Physics. In 2008 defended dissertation on the topic “Self-consistent electron-deformation-diffusion effects in large energy gap semiconductors and heterosystems with self-assembled point defects”. Author of about 120 scientific and educational works.




Educational disciplines:

  • General Physics
  • Acousto-optical phenomena in semiconductors
  • Modeling of physical processes
  • Synergetics


Scientific interests: Acousto-optical and acousto-electronic effects in semiconductors and semiconductor heterosystems with self-organized nanoclusters.


Participation in research projects:

  • The formation of electron-hole transitions in stressed heterosystems with self-organized defect-deformation clusters (2008 – 2010, state registration number 0108U000587);
  • Theory of current transfer across the Schottky barrier based on indium arsenide – gallium arsenide strained nanoheterosystems with quantum dots (2011 – 2013, state registration number 0111U001019);
  • Control of the spectrum and direction of radiation of the heterolaser on quantum dots using an acoustic wave (2014 – 2016, state registration number 0114U002615);
  • The influence of acoustoelectronic interaction on the conditions of formation of the surface superlattice under laser irradiation of GaAs, CdTe (2016 – 2018, state registration number 0116U004736);
  • The formation of the superlattice of adsorbed atoms in semiconductors with a zinc blast structure in electric and mechanical fields (2019 – 2021, state registration number 0119U100667);
  • Architectonics of active environments of elements of light-emitting systems: properties, hierarchical and interface self-organization (2020– 2022, state registration number 0120U102217).


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