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Hadzaman Ivan

Гадзаман Іван ВасильовичHadzaman Ivan, PhD in Physics (Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Associate Professor (Docent), Associate Professor of the Department of Physics. In 2000 defended dissertation on the topic “Thermistor current protection elements based on CuxNi1-x-yCo2yMn2-yO4 ceramic semiconductor composites”. Head of the research laboratory of nonlinear sensors named after prof. P.M. Kovalskyi. Author of about 256 scientific and educational works. Co-author and executor of 18 state budget topics and 13 international grants, manager of 4 projects.



Educational disciplines:

  • Electrical engineering and electronics;
  • Fundamentals of modern electronics;
  • Fundamentals of technical design;
  • Modern semiconductor materials science;
  • Circuitry and architecture of electronic devices and computer systems;


Scientific interests: architecture of active environments of elements of information and control systems, their hierarchical and interface organization.

Participation in research projects:

  • The formation of the superlattice of adsorbed atoms in semiconductors with a zinc blast structure in electric and mechanical fields (2019 – 2021, state registration number 0119U100667);
  • Architectonics of active environments of elements of light-emitting systems: properties, hierarchical and interface self-organization (2020– 2022, state registration number 0120U102217).


Scopus ID 6507519607

Web of Science Researcher ID K-3598-2014

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