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Brytan Viktor Bogdanovych

Британ Віктор БогдановичBrytan Viktor Bogdanovych, PhD in Physics (Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Associate Professor (Docent), Associate Professor of the Department of Physics. In 2014 defended dissertation on the topic: “The influence of atomic hydrogen doping on electrical and optical properties of CdTe and Cd1-xZnxTe monocrystals grown by the sublimation method” on the speciality 01.04.07 – Solid state physics.




Educational disciplines:

  • General Physics (Mechanics)
  • Experimental methods investigations of semiconductors
  • Computers and automation
  • Computer simulation of electrical circuits
  • Technology of semiconductor and semiconductor devices
  • Physics of computer systems


Scientific interests associated with the growing and study of electrical, optical and photoelectrical properties of CdTe and Cd1-xZnxTe single crystals. Applications of semiconductor for the development of devices such as photodetectors, solar cells, filters for the infrared region of the spectrum, X-ray and γ-radiation detectors.


Participation in research projects:

  • The influence of acoustoelectronic interaction on the conditions of formation of the surface superlattice under laser irradiation of GaAs, CdTe (2016 – 2018, state registration number 0116U004736);
  • The formation of the superlattice of adsorbed atoms in semiconductors with a zinc blast structure in electric and mechanical fields (2019 – 2021, state registration number 0119U100667);


Scopus ID 57196327485


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