Foreign partners


Foreign partners Drohobych State Pedagogical University named after Ivan Franko.

International relations Drohobych State Pedagogical University named after Ivan Franko covering countries such as Poland, Austria, Germany, USA, Cameroon, Belarus, Russia, Belgium, Japan, China and Azerbaijan; signed 43 international agreements. In particular, in 2014, signed six agreements.

The main areas of international cooperation:

  • joint activities with the solution of problems in the educational-methodological and scientific-research work;
  • exchange of experience in certain areas;
  • dissemination of innovative areas of learning; exchange of teachers to conduct classes and internships;
  • exchange of scientific staff (research, participation in conferences);
  • preparation of joint publications conducted scientific and methodological research;
  • exchange of scientific and educational literature;
  • exchange of experience of the educational process and curricula of such specialties;
  • development and coordination of training programs within the Master exchanges;
  • exchange of students (involved in teaching, practice, student conferences);
  • implementation of joint research projects, including international grants.


1.Warsaw Academy of Special Pedagogy

2.School of Computer Science and Applied Management

3.State Higher Vocational School. Jan Grodek in Sanok

4.University of Rzeszow

5.State Higher Vocational School in Legnica Witelona

6.Catholic University of Lublin

7.Technical University of Lublin

8.University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce

9.Polonia University in Czestochowa

10.Jan Kochanowski University

11.Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin

12.High School of Hotel business and Tourism in Lesko

13.High School of International and Regional Cooperation in Bielsko Podlaski

14.Baltic Institute of Humanities in Koszalin

15.State Higher Technical and Economic School Markevych in Jarosław

16.Higher School of Economics and Innovation in Lublin

17.Graduate School of International Relations and media in Chelm

18.Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities

19.Faculty of Humanities at Warsaw University of Agriculture

20.Institute of Political Sciences and the Academy. Jan Dlugosz in Czestochowa

21.“Bruno Schulz Festival” in Lublin

22. Lublin University of Technology and Kyiv National Economic University of Hetman

23. Institute of Sociology of the State Higher School of Przemysl Eastern European

24. Teaching University. National Education Commission

25. State Higher School. prof. Stanisław Tarnowski in Tarnobrzeg

26. Graduate School of Finance and Management in Warsaw

27. Eastern European University Network


28.Faculty of Economics Technical University of Košice


29.Teaching the Vienna Institute

30.Ukrainian-Austrian Collaborating Centre for Science, Education and Culture

31. University of Innsbruck


32University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt

33.International Institute in Zittau


34.International University of Bertua


35.Minsk Institute of Management

36.Baranovytskyy State University

37. Brest State University of Pushkin


38.Center for Social Sciences, Moscow State University. MV University


39.Public College State University of New York


40.International NGO DISOP

41. University College КАТНО


42. Ganja State University


43. National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology