Faculty of Primary Education

The Faculty of Pedagogy


Department of Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology in Primary School

Department of Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching Methodology in Primary School

Department of Philology and Teaching Methodology in Primary School

Department of Culturology and Ukraine Studies

Year of foundation – 1979

Dean of the Faculty – Ivan Mychailovych Kutnyak- a candidate of science(Philosophy), associate Professor. In 2005 defended his candidate thesis “Phenomenon of consciousness in interactions of “vital world” of a man”. The author of more than 60 scientific and methodological works.

Assistant Dean for Educational Work – Lyubov Stepanivna Babiyak – candidate of Physics and Mathematics science, associate Professor. In 2003 defended her candidate thesis “The Asymptotic of Evolution Equations Solutions in Banach Space”. The author of more than 100 scientific and methodological works.

Assistant Dean for Scientific Work and International Cooperation – Halyna Oleksandrivna Fil – a candidate of Philology, associate Professor. In 1995 defended her candidate thesis “Morphonological Variations in Word-formative Noun Structure of Masculine Gender of the Russian Language(in comparison with Ukrainian). The author of more than 100 scientific and methodological works.

Assistant Dean for Extra Mural Studies (on a voluntary basis) – Olena Eneivna Kravchenko-Dzondza, the senior teacher . In 1999 graduated from O.O.Potebnya Institute of Linguistics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine( postgraduate studies). Works at dissertation “ Aesthetics of a word in west Ukrainian prose of 20s- early30s of the 20th century . The author of more than 40 scientific and methodological works.

Danylyak Ruslana Zinoviyivna –   methodologist of distance learning , Master of Education, teacher of Pedagogy and methodology in Primary education. The author of 10 scientific articles.

Different   students conferences are held on the basis of the Faculty:

“Psychological and pedagogical basis of forming the informative abilities of pupils in Primary School”(2002)

“State norms of primary education and its implementation in teaching and educational work”(2006)

“Achievements, problems and prospective of primary school in terms of Ukrainian entering into European educational scope”(2007)

International conference of the young scientists “The problems of modern education and culture in the context of European standards”(2008)

In the year 2009 two conferences dedicated to 30 anniversary of the Faculty were held:

“Modernization of pedagogical education as the basis of professional intensification and methodological teacher training in primary school”

“Native word in ethnical and cultural dimensions”.

International conference “Ethnos. Culture. Nation.”(2010, 2012)

Students of the Faculty actively participated in different international conferences which were held abroad. In the year 2009 students Andriy Myazyk and Mariya Havlo took part in the international conference “SLAVICA IUVENUM” in Czech Republic.

Students can obtain degrees of Bachelor, Specialist, Master in Pedagogical Education and Primary Education.

Number of students:

Bachelor – 515

Specialist – 172

Master – 28

Faculty collaborates with following Universities:

Institute of Higher Education of Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences

Institute of Pedagogies of   Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Drahomanov National Pedagogical   University

Pavlo Tychuna Uman National Pedagogical University

Institute for the Ukrainian Language of the NAS of Ukraine

Ostrava University(Czech Republic)

Masaryk University(Czech Republic)

Brest University(Belarus)

Lomonosov National University(Russia)

Minsk State Linguistic University(Belarus)

Kamenskyi International Slavonic Academy

Polish Academy of Sciences(Poland)

Warsaw Agricultural University(Poland)

Kaunas Faculty of the liberal Arts of Vilnius University(Lithuania)

Department of Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology in Primary School

Head of the Department – Dmytro Luzyk, candidate of Science (Pedagogy), Professor.

The department was founded in 2006.

Staff members:

1 Candidate of Sciences, Professor

10 Candidates of Science

8 Associate Professors

3 Senior Lecturers

1 Lecturer

Department provides teaching of the following subjects:

“Bachelor” Introduction to the profession, general principles of pedagogy, theoretical basis of pedagogy, history of pedagogy, didactics, theory of education, shkoloznavstvo, fundamentals of scientific and educational research, educational technology in elementary school, basics of pedagogical techniques, fundamentals of defectology, methods and extracurricular activities social and educational work, methods of teaching science, with practical work training, pedagogy, pedagogical skills, teaching physical education.

“Specialist”: ethnopedagogy, especially the training of junior pupils in classes with low occupancy students.

“Master”: A comparative pedagogy, andragogics, pedagogical innovations in Ukraine and abroad, study subjects integrated by branches of knowledge bases of scientific and educational research.

Department of Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching Methodology in Primary School

Founded in 1998.

Teaching staff: 8 teachers, of which 1 Ph.D., Professor; 7 candidates (7 associate professors).

Head of the Department – Professor Volodymyr Kovalchuk

Department provides teaching of the following subjects

“Bachelor”: mathematics, computer science, mathematical foundations of computer science, mathematics teaching methodology, practical solving in mathematics, computer science technique of teaching in elementary school.

“Specialist”: features creative work in mathematics lessons in primary school; features of extracurricular math in elementary school.

“Master”: Selected Issues mathematics and methods of teaching.

Department of Philology and Teaching Methodology in Primary School

Founded on 2006.

Teaching staff: 9 teachers, including 1 doctor of sciences, professor; 3 PhD (4 docents), 4 senior teachers.

Field of research:

Ukrainian language and speech: history, modern state, development problems.

  • Ukrainian morpho-phonological and world-building means models in the context of explication ethnolinguistic world view
  • Phraseological units of the Ukrainian language in cognitive and communicative aspects.
  • Role of Galician intellectuals in shaping the norms of the literary Ukrainian language (late XIX – early XX century)
  • Regional onomastic system research and teaching work with students of the Faculty of Education.
  • Interactive teaching methods in the context of language education of younger students.
  • Functional derivation communicative paradigm of modern language education at the Pedagogical Faculty.
  • Speech Culture as part of a professiogram of the future of teachers
  • Language and Ukrainian world of imagery in the context of the research of the language of fiction.
  • Theoretical and methodological basics of using methods to stimulate interest in the study of the native language in elementary school.

Department provides teaching of the following subjects:

“Bachelor”: the modern Ukrainian language with practical, Ukrainian language (for professional purposes), the foundations of culture and technology of speech, culture of speech and expressive reading, the modern Russian language with practical, methods of teaching Russian language children’s literature, books for preschoolers , methodology of Ukrainian language, theory and methods of native speech of children, methods of teaching Ukrainian language in kindergarten with Russian regime, teaching the basics of measuring and monitoring the quality of education.

“Specialist”: the basics of rhetoric, linguistic analysis of literary text, a special course “Modern typing lessons on Ukrainian language and reading”; methodical management of development of speech activity of children.

“Master”: receptive and communicative study their native language; technology teaching language development.

Department of Culturology and Ukraine Studies

Head of theDepartment Valentyna Drotenko, PhD, Associate Professor

Founded in 1992.

Teaching staff: 17 teachers, including 10 PhDs (10 professors); 3 – senior teachers; 4 – teachers.

Field of research

Cultural and personal aspects of the system of artistic and aesthetic values of Ukrainian culture.

Polyartistic individual consciousness

The problem of integration of knowledge in the context of artistic perception

Scene motifs and imagery of carols

Ancient Russian architecture in the system of Ukrainian artistic culture

The personal aspect of perception and understanding of art

Ukrainian art culture as a means of self-realization of creative personality

Cultural and historical aspect Ukrainian choreography

Galician chapel: a cultural and personal aspect

The Western school of painting in the context of Ukrainian artistic culture

Ukrainian church paintings of 15-16th centuries

Contribution of brothers Bogdan and Levko Lepky to the formation of musical culture of Ukraine

Ukrainian art culture as a basis for the formation of spirituality personality

Synaesthesia as a phenomenon of artistic culture today

The style of the modern Ukrainian dances

Innovative educational technologies at the lessons of fine arts in secondary schools

The methods of work in the children’s dance groups

Department provides teaching of the following subjects


History of Ukrainian culture. Fundamentals of stage and screen arts. Musical art of teaching methods. Fine art method of learning. Basics dance with the method of teaching. Methods of teaching educational sector “Social Science”.

“Bachelor” and level “Specialist” Specialization: art:

History of Foreign Art. The history of Ukrainian art. Arts and crafts. Painting. Composition. Methods of teaching art. Teaching drawing. Plastic anatomy. Figure. Plein Air. Sculpture. The artistic design. Art and applied graphics.

“Bachelor” and level “Specialist” Specialization: Choreography: Basic music theory. History choreography. Playing a musical instrument. Basics of Choreography. Art choreographer. Musical education with a teaching technique. Folk musical creativity. Folk costume design and stage dance. Preparation concert programs. Theory and methods of modern (sport) dance. The theory and technique of classical dance. Theory and Methods folk stage dance. Theory and methods of historical and community dance. Theory and methods of work with children’s dance groups. Theory and Methods of Ukrainian folk dance.

“Bachelor” and level “Specialist” Specialization: art culture:

Fundamentals of material culture. The history of literature. Fundamentals of Museology. The history of architecture. Visual Arts. The style of world culture. Cinematography and Television. School Course artistic culture and methods of teaching.

EQL “Bachelor” field of study “Preschool education”:

The methodology of the classes of Ethnology. Demography. Fine art and technique of figurative management activities of children. Method of music education.

“Bachelor” (subjects optional):

The history of the theater. Cinematography and Television. Art History. Ukrainoznavstvo. Demography. Ethnology of Ukraine. Ethnogeography Ukraine. Ethnic Ukraine (departments: pedagogical, social and humanitarian, musical and pedagogical, philological, historical, biological, Faculty of Physical Education, Institute of Foreign Languages, Institute of Physics, Mathematics, Economics and innovative technologies.