Faculty of History

Founded in 1992

Dean Tymoshenko Leonid V.

The previous dean of the faculty Mykhailo Savchyn

Faculty trains specialists such training areas and specialties


Full-time teaching 6.020302 History. Specialization: Law

Correspondence form of training 6.020302 History. Specialization: Law


Full-time teaching 7.02030201 History. Specialization: Law

Correspondence form of training 7.02030201 History. Specialization: Law


Full-time teaching 8.02030201 History.

Number of students

Bachelor’s Degree 196

Specialist Degree 47

Master’s Degree 28

Other structural subdivisions department: an independent office working with the professional literature and educational materials; Research Laboratory of Archaeology and Local History; Training Center Department of Philosophy, History Museum of the University. Decorated spetsaudytoriyi: history of Ukraine, world history, history of techniques and technical training, local history and special historical disciplines of law.

Department liaises with universities Ukraine: Lviv National University. Ivan Franko, Carpathian National University. Stefanik, Kiev National University. Taras Shevchenko National University “Ostroh Academy” Volyn National University. L. Ukrainian National Pedagogical University. Drahomanov, academic institutions NAS of Ukraine: Institute of History of Ukraine, the Institute of Ukrainian Studies. I. Krypyakevych, Institute of Ukrainian Archeology and Source Studies. Grushevskogo, research institutions and universities abroad: Lublin State University. M. Curie-Sklodowska University, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Rzeszow University, Natural-Humanitarian University in Siedlce.

Departments of the Faculty

Department of Ancient History of Ukraine and special historical disciplines

Department of Philosophy

Department of World History

Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Ukraine

Department of Law, Sociology and Political Science

Department of Ancient History of Ukraine and special historical disciplines

Head of the Department – Professor L. Timoshenko

Founded in 2006,

The teaching staff – 9 teachers, including 2 – professors, 8 – Assoc. Professors, 1 – Teacher

Department provides teaching of the following discipline:

– Archaeology;

– The historical museology;

– Auxiliary historical disciplines;

– History of Ukraine (from ancient times until the XVII century.)

– Sources on the history of Ukraine;

– The protection and preservation of historical and cultural monuments;

– Historical geography;

– High-school history and its teaching methodology;

– The basis of scientific research;

– Archives Studies;

– Historic study;

– Historiosophy and methodology of history ;

– School course “Law” and methods of teaching;

– Methods of teaching social and political subjects;

– The history of native land;

– Method of using computers in teaching history;

– Hrushevsky study – a special branch of historical knowledge;

– National cultural and religious movements in Eastern Europe in XVI – XVII centuries;

– Method of history teaching in universities;

– Age of Princes in Ukraine: historical research issues in dispute;

– Intellectual history of Europe;

– Early Modern Ukraine: social history, mentality, political culture and the idea of society;

Subjects chosen by the student:

– History of monasteries;

– Formation of elites and History noble families of the Carpathian Region in late Middle Ages.

– The struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Turkish-Tatar expansion in the second half of XVI – early XVII century.

Department of Philosophy

Department head Volodymyr Wozniak

Teaching staff of the department – 17 teachers, among them – 4 Doctors of Science, 9 PhDs, 5 teachers without scientific degrees

The direction of research

Scientific schools

Conference organized by department:

  1. Humanist philosophical reading (Permanent philosophical seminar)
  2. Philosophy and Culture of the Russian Silver Age

III. Philosophy water as philosophy of life

  1. Young Philosopher’s National Conference “Dialectics of spiritual processes”

Subjects taught by the Department staff


Philosophy of science

World Artistic Culture

Pedagogical ethics

Methods of teaching ethics and aesthetics


Pedagogical ethics

Art History


Ethics of teaching method

Ethics and aesthetics

Ethics and professional ethics

History of Philosophy

Studies of Religion

Ancient philosophy

The philosophy of the ancient East

The philosophy of the Middle Ages

14-17th century European philosophy

Western European philosophy of the 18th century

German classical philosophy

The philosophy of Marxism

Modern Western philosophy

History of Ukrainian Philosophy

History of Russian Philosophy

Philosophical propaedeutics

Philosophical Ontology

Philosophy: livelihoods, consciousness


Dialectics and theory of knowledge


Ancient art

Culture of Ancient East

Culture Middle Ages

Culture of 14-17th century

Culture 18-19th century

Culture of 20th century

History of Ukrainian Culture

History and Theory of Ethics

History and Theory of Aesthetics

Christian ethics of teaching method

History of Religion

History of world and domestic cinema

Research Methodology

Teaching method philosophical and cultural disciplines

Arts and religion

History of Christianity

Christian Anthropology

Buddhism and Islam as a world religion

History of Religion and the Church in Ukraine

Sociology and Psychology of Religion

Bible studies

Geography and Ethnology of religion

Methodology of Contemporary Religious

Social Philosophy

Philosophy of Religion

Christian ethics and methods of teaching


Epistemology Physics

New religious movements and movements

Philosophy of History

Philosophical Anthropology

Philosophy of science

Philosophy of Culture

Philosophy of Education

The modern science of the structure of the world

The logic of ancient philosophy

Types of rational and irrational in modern science and education

The methodology of modern social and philosophical studies

Philosophical and anthropological studies

Anthropological dimension of philosophical and historical research

Modern school of philosophy of culture

Religion as a cultural phenomenon supermarket

Metaphysics and ontology twentieth century

The logic of pedagogical thinking

Philosophical and cultural foundations of postmodernism

European philosophy as a history of productive ideas

The logic of ancient philosophy

Department of World History

Head of the Department Professor Oleg Petrechko

Founded in 1992.

The teaching staff – 10 teachers, including – 2 prof., Ph.D., assistant professor 7. PhDs.

Scientific subject of world history department
Problems of world history in ukrainian historiography of 19th-20th centuries
Trends of scientific and research work
-Ukrainian historiography of world history;
-problems of Rome internal and foreign policy in the period of principate;
-early Christianity;
-history of church of late medievalism and early-modern age;
-history of polish national minority in Right-bank Ukraine;
-ukrainian historiography of World War I;
-Byelorussian and Ukrainian cultural relations of 2nd half of the IX-early XX c.;
-Ukrainian east studies in the IX-XX c.;
-nations of Central-Eastern Europe in the IX-XX c. and their relationships with Ukrainians;
-cultural-religious and political life concerning of House of Habsburg. Review of Ukrainian historiography;
-problems of World War I in Ukrainian historiography;
-Western-European Medievalism and Byzantine Empire research in ukrainian historiography of the XIX-XX c.
-problems of ancient history in Ukrainian historiography of the XIX-XX c.
-problems of world history research in Myhailo Hrushevskyi creative heritage.
-World War II concerning Ukrainian historiography.

Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Ukraine

Head of the Department – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Senkiv

Founded in 1993

The teaching staff – 8 teachers, including – 2 professors, 6 Associate Professors.

Department provides teaching of the following disciplines:

at the History Faculty:

– History of Ukraine;

– Historiography of the history of Ukraine and the history of the Slavic peoples;

– History of Ukrainian military;

– History of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army;

– Cossack state (second half XVII – XVIII centuries).

– History if Ukrainian diaspora;

– Actual problems of the national liberation movement in Ukraine in 1914 – 1920;

– Bolshevik regime and the fate of West Ukrainian intellectuals (1939 – 1953);

– The concept of OUN national revolution and the struggle for its implementation (1930-40s).

– Geopolitical role of Ukraine and Poland in Europe (1991 – 2005);

– Ukrainian Diaspora: Past and Present;

– The national liberation movement in Western Ukraine in 1920 – 1950: historiography of the problem.

In other faculties:

– History of Ukraine;

– History Ukrainian diaspora;

– History Ukrainian military;

– History of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

Department of Law, Sociology and Political Science

The department was founded on 20.08.2002.

Head of the Department – Svetlana A. Schudlo.

Department provides teaching of the following disciplines:

– Law;

– Sociology;

– Political science;

– History of law in Ukraine;

– Theory of law;

– Constitutional law of Ukraine;

– Administrative Law Ukraine;

– Civil and civil procedure law of Ukraine;

– Criminal and criminal procedural law of Ukraine;

– Labor law of Ukraine;

– Economic and economic-procedural law of Ukraine;

– Family Law Ukraine;

– Finance of Ukraine;

– Judicial and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine;

– Agricultural and environmental law Ukraine;

– Ukraine housing law;

– Ukraine Business Law;

– The legal framework of higher education;

– The basis of educational measurement;

– The legal basis of pre-school education;

– Environmental law;

– Transport Law;

– The basis of law;

– Investment Law;

– Contract law.