East European Historical Bulletin

About the journal
The collection of scientific articles
Founded in 2016.
The international standard serial number ISSN 2519-058X (Print)
The certificate of the state registration (re-registration) of the printed mass media periodical, series KV № 22449-12349Р dd. 28.12.2016.

The co-founders of this collection of scientific articles:

  • Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University.

The «Bulletin’s» demy is 70х100/16, it is a quarterly, issued once every yearly quarter.
The quarterly’s volume is from 150 to 250 pages.
The «Bulletin» is published in the following languages: Ukrainian, English, Polish, Russian.

The «Bulletin» is designed for scholars, lecturers in history, aspirants, doctorants, students and all those, who evince interest in the hictoric past. East European Historical Bulletin publishes scientific researches in historical sciences (Ukrainian history, world history, archeology, ethnology, historiography, source study, and special historical disciplines, history of science and engineering, anthropology). Each issue presents a concise survey of historical publications edited recently, publishes unknown or little known written sources and critical comments on them, researches in source study and, selectively, their revisions, provides brief reviews of scientific events (conferences, presentations of scientific works, round-table discussion, etc.).

The editorial board do not necessarily share the opinions of authors which they expose in their articles, and assume no responsibility for the verity of fact, data and references used in them.